Before I go any further, let’s quickly establish what exactly ‘cold traffic’ is, and how this differs from other types of traffic (on Facebook, or any other platform/medium). In marketing, we refer to different traffic ‘temperatures’ – cold, warm and hot. Here’s the difference in a nutshell:

Cold traffic has no prior experience with you & your brand. In fact, they’ve never even heard of you!

Warm traffic includes people who know your brand in some way. Maybe they’ve been on your site, followed you on social media, downloaded a lead magnet, etc.

Hot traffic refers to those people who’ve already bought something from you, and are therefore very familiar with your brand & offerings. With this audience, you may use PPC to upsell and/or re-engage.

Since each of these topics easily justifies its own article, we’ll focus here solely on cold traffic when using Facebook advertising. After all, every business needs a consistent source of cold traffic in order to grow!


One key thing to consider when implementing any kind of PPC campaign is this: what stage of the ‘relationship’ is this person at with your business? As we’ve just established above, our cold traffic audiences have not: bought from us, engaged with us, visited our website, or even heard of our brand.

One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses making with Facebook Ads is simply expecting too much from their first campaign. Think of it like a dating analogy – going in for a hard sell immediately would be like asking somebody to marry you on the first date, right? These people barely know who you are, let alone trust you enough to get their wallet out.

AND if that’s not enough, you also need to consider how the mindset of somebody who is scrolling through Facebook differs from that of somebody who is searching on Google. You can afford to be much more aggressive with your offer & call-to-action with AdWords, because that person is actively looking for what you have to sell; they’re thinking about it right there and then. This is not the case on Facebook.


(^image source: Klientboost)


So if you shouldn’t go for the hard sell straight away, what SHOULD you do with cold audience adverts?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are a few appropriate objectives for cold traffic ads:

  • Build awareness & introduce your brand
  • Get eyes on your content & establish yourself as an industry expert
  • Collect email addresses
  • Add the user to a retargeting audience*
  • Begin a sales funnel

(Likely to be a mixture of these)

Original content or resources in particular are a great way of achieving those things listed above. It can create a positive first interaction with your brand, add real value, and without scaring potential prospects off with a salesy landing page. You might consider using: articles, ebooks, videos, research findings, guides, etc. Here’s two examples:


*(If you don’t know what retargeting is, in a nutshell, it means to advertise to an audience of people that have previously engaged with you in some way and/or visited your site).

Without getting too far off the topic of cold traffic, here’s a quick example of what the next step might be with retargeting. If we’ve tracked somebody on our blog reading a post relating to improving their PPC campaign, we’d then be able to hit them with a specific advert on Facebook (yes, even business owners have personal Facebook accounts!).

Our audience would consist of people who’ve visited the desired web pages (but not those who’ve also reached a ‘thank-you’ page, indicating a conversion), in the last X days.



And our advert might look something like this…


With it being a retargeted audience, we can get away with being a little more aggressive this time with the offer and call-to-action. This person now qualifies as ‘warm traffic’ and is already familiar with our brand (been on our site), and pre-qualified as a prospect by reading about PPC (visited that particular page), therefore we can expect significantly better results than if we were hitting cold traffic.

That’s all for now! Hopefully this helped & you have a few ideas brewing to begin your Facebook ads sales funnel. Don’t hesitate to shout if you get stuck: | 07982 631 797



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