In this super quick post I’m going to show you how to identify keywords you’ve been wasting money on with Adwords. If you’re unfamiliar, negative keywords are used to determine which search queries your ads should not show up for. These are incredibly important, and neglecting these can cost you an awful lot of money.


First things first, log in to your adwords account and open up the campaign you’re working on. Then look for the tab labelled ‘keywords’. Once you’re there you’ll get another 3 options underneath: head to ‘search terms’ (excuse the Paint skills)


This gives you an overview of all the search terms which you’ve paid for clicks for – and you might be surprised what crops up! The screenshots I’m using here are of a cleaning business adwords account – and there are the common culprits such as ‘jobs’ and ‘vacancies’, and there are keywords which are not directly related to our clients’ services.




From there, you can simply add these as negative keywords either by directly using the ‘add as negative keyword’ function, or by picking out a word or phrase and adding it manually. In the case of a cleaning business, we have added keywords such as ‘dry’,  ‘window’, ‘carpet’, ‘patio’ and so on using phrase match to eliminate service our client does not provide. Hopefully you’ll be able to do the same, resulting in much higher conversion rates and less money wasted on useless keywords!