Facebook have, in the last couple of months, released two new great features that makes our lives easier as advertisers. They are: automated rules, and the creative hub. Here’s a quick overview & some of their uses!

Automated Rules

Found in the Power Editor, advertisers are now able to automate various actions to make campaign management easier. These include switching off the campaign (e.g. if cost per lead is too high), getting simple email alerts, or adjusting budget (e.g. increase by 20% if cost per lead falls below £X)

And, if relevant/necessary, don’t forget you can also put a limit on the increase.

Next, the ‘conditions’ section allows you to choose when / why the ‘action’ would be taken. You can choose from the various pixel conversions (cost per lead, add to basket, checkout, etc.), plus other settings such as ‘hours since creation’ (you may want start more aggressively then decrease, for example).

Facebook will likely recommend that you use these rules only after a minimum number of impressions. This is because, when a campaign is just starting out, the results can be very turbulent – a single fluke conversion could double your conversion rate from 10% to 20%. These rules are best used on a stable campaign with some existing data – otherwise, a little more hands on management might be worthwhile to begin with!

These features were previously only accessible through software such as Adespresso. We don’t use Adespresso at Globe Digital, but I’d be curious to hear any of their user’s views on this – has the value diminished as a result of these changes?

Creative Hub

The other feature we’ll have a quick look at is the Creative Hub. My two favourite uses for this are: mock-ups for clients, and the image text check. Previously, I used other tools such as this one, so it’s nice to have everything in one place.

The mock-up tool does exactly what it says on the tin – it allows you to quickly mock up an advert, show a client via a direct link, and get feedback straight away. Just like in the ads manager & power editor, you’re also able to preview different placements such as mobile news feed & desktop right column.

Well, that’s all for now! Thanks for reading – these features save me a couple of hours a week in management & convenience; I hope you find them useful too.