Why Using The Latest Web Design Trends Isn’t Always The Smartest Choice

Everyone has seen the kind of websites that are graphically beautiful from the navigation to the images and even the blurb at the bottom is dressed up to perfection. Or the kind of websites that are so interactive that the entire experience from start to finish keeps you completely absorbed in a unique digital world. These websites often utilise the latest emerging web design trends, recent examples of this include parallax backgrounds and interactive video content and it has to be said that when used effectively these techniques really do deliver.

However many businesses fall into the trap of seeing the beauty delivered by these websites and attempt to replicate a similar format. That might work if you share a common product base with the website you model it on and differentiate it enough for it to still be unique, however the real problem arises when companies use modern trends and create something that simply doesn’t work with what they’re trying to convey to their audience. For example if you own an accountancy firm and you build a heavily video based website it’s going to be substantially more difficult to provide the information that customers are looking for in a way that is accessible and understandable that’s not to say it can’t be done or made to look incredible but it is undoubtedly substantially harder. On the opposite end of the spectrum if a video based website was created to promote a new movie it may provide all of the information that potential customers need.

So then the question arises as to how you get around this. The obvious answer would of course be to stick to traditional trends, designs and templates for each industry sector that are easily tweaked to represent each company. In some cases basic template based websites are a great solution but they do however make it difficult to stand out from the competition if the market for the product or service is highly competitive.


What’s the trick to solving this then I hear you ask? The solution is to use these modern design features in a more creative and dynamic way. Your customers aren’t always looking for mesmerising design but rather they want something functional and if that just so happens to be incredibly well designed then they’re even more likely to find their visit to your website a positive experience. So the key is to work design into elements where it may not normally be found but will have a substantial influence on the appearance of your website. For example a simple page with a beautifully designed parallax footer can bring a website to life or a basic product page with a featured full width video can give customers a real sense of what the product is all about.


So whether you’re creating your website yourself or getting a company to do it for you ensure that everything has an intelligent purpose that compliments the information that you are providing, not the other way round.