Watch and Bullion are based in Gibraltar, they sell a massive range of some of the most exclusive watches on the planet. As a growing company they needed a website that worked, their existing website was based on WordPress however there were multiple unnecessary plugins, jumbled sections of code and many other things slowing their website down. So our first task was to establish a set-up that could be expanded upon in the future but that would also work now. The owners and employees at Watch and Bullion were already very familiar with the way that WordPress could be managed and updated so it was important that we retained this. We redeveloped the website from the ground up using an entirely different theme and systematically worked around each of the plugins and evaluating the necessity of some. After improving the theme and back-end setup we worked with Watch and Bullion’s designer to slightly adapt the current design creating a fresh looking website.

Once the new website was up and running it was time to evaluate some of the features that were holding it back, the previous website had a language converter however this particular one was resulting in the website being marked as Spam in search engines so we replaced it with a new one which was read differently preventing this issue. Another feature that was incredibly important to Watch and Bullion was to be able to allow customers to convert the currency of the products into their native currencies. With this particular application it was incredibly important for us to get it right as many of the products sold by Watch and Bullion are of an extremely high value and so any major currency fluctuations could be hugely influential. As such the system that we added follows the latest exchange rates.

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